Take advantage of our free inhouse graphic design support to produce your very own cycling apparel. We offer the perfect service for groups of friends, clubs and organisations looking to  roll-out their dream cycling kit. We can create the idea for you but usually we take your sketch/concept and transfer it to digital format. We have experience in producing cycling jerseys, bib shorts (short and long), wind vests and cycling jackets. There are also a number of jersey and bib short models we can offer based on your budget and if you are looking at receational or elite cycling garments. Other accessories that are often selected include cycling caps, gloves and socks as well as polo shirts and hoodies to round out your daily casual gear. To get started we need a minimum order of 8 per garment before we will start the design phase. Once the design process is completed production is typically 6-8 weeks.

Please Send Us a Message and we will answer all of your custom cycling clothing related questions.


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